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Malie B.

My husband and I looked at several apartments in the UES. Once we settled on the apt. we wanted Nanette and Bryan walked us through the whole process. They were able to negation down from the asking price. Once in contract, they gave us a clear checklist of documents and things we needed every step of the way. Nanette even reviewed our references and made suggestions to improve them. They gave close scrutiny to details on our contract. We were able to meet all of our required deadlines. We were very pleased with their clear communication and pleasant demeanor.

Christine S.

I give Nanette my highest recommendation.  She is the BEST!  She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the ins and outs of Manhattan apartments and their value.  She listened to my needs and did not pressure me on any level.  She was available 24/7 with any questions, I had and always responded diligently.  She was efficient, lovely to work with and a go getter...honestly - an awesome agent.  She found a great apartment for me and held my hand every step of the way making the entire process easy.  I feel so fortunate to have found her and will recommend her to everyone I know.

Thomas P.

Nanette and Bryan helped us acquire our first home in Manhattan. We have loved working with them every step of the way. They are thoughtful and always available. We had Nanette assigned on Zillow when we just wanted to see one apartment. After meeting her in person, we were impressed by how quickly she understood what we were looking for and how thoroughly she analyzed the place, so we decided to work with her for the rest of the process. Bryan knew the answer to our questions and his way of answering them always help us calm down when things were uncertain. We will call them back when the time comes! 

Morgan S.

Working with Nanette was amazing. She was incredibly organized and would make detailed spreadsheets before each apartment tour. During our hours touring, she was always positive and had extensive knowledge on the neighborhood and buying process. While all of this made the search easy, what I most appreciated about Nanette was how prompt she was to respond. Whether it was requesting a tour of an apartment, asking for details on the closing, or questions for the sellers broker, Nanette was always reliable and able to quickly find the information needed. I highly recommend working with Nanette because she truly acts in the buyers best interest. She made the process of finding and buying so easy and understandable!

Maggie P.

I worked with Nanette Marks and Bryan Rozencwaig on my recent apartment purchase - and they were nothing but amazing through the whole process. Nanette was extremely helpful with my Co-Op Board package. They both were very responsive and knowledgeable and always answered my questions/concerns along the way. I am so grateful to have had Bryan with me on the day of my closing. I would recommend them to anyone.

Brett L.

Bryan and Nanette were beyond incredible! After talking on the phone they knew exactly what we were looking for. They kept us focused and were a wealth of knowledge. They were there for every phone call and made themselves available around our schedules. Bryan and Nanette found us our dream apartment. They helped us negotiate the deal and were there for any advice we needed along the way! We could never have found our apartment without them. They are real estate brokers with a personal caring touch. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home or apartment.

Jennifer G.

Nanette Marks has a great deal of knowledge about the New York City real estate market and an ability to quickly assess and understand each client's specific needs. She is very responsive and keeps you informed of everything that is happening with your search. Her recommendations were on point in terms of location, amenities, apartment type and more. She has the right balance of professionalism, friendliness and honesty. I would recommend her with the utmost confidence. 

Gavin G.

Nanette was incredible to work with and helped me find an amazing NYC apartment. I gave her all the details on what I was looking for, and she did the rest. Nanette created a very detailed spreadsheet and set up two whole days of tours. She even had her car to take me from place to place! She made the NYC renting process as seamless as possible. I will 100% use her again and highly recommend her to all looking for places in NYC! 

Elynn L.

Nanette Marks and Bryan Rozencwaig are a terrific duo. They work together perfectly and they’re both very knowledgeable about what is available. They were also able to figure out what I wanted and needed and found me the perfect apartment. I highly recommend them both. 

Tyrone P.

Nanette are Bryan are so pleasant to work with. They are very knowledgeable about the NYC real estate market, especially dealing with the co-op process. They are very thorough and very responsive. I would highly recommend them.

Barry W.

Nanette and Bryan were great. They were always on time and went the extra mile to make sure the board package was done correctly and submitted on time. I would definitely recommend.

Teresa N.

Nanette and Bryan showed great patience and helpful insight while we were seeking the right apartment for me. They provided a fair and balanced perspective without pressing me, which resulted in finding a gem property. 
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